Our client was looking to undergo a substantive digital transformation, by migrating from older, legacy systems to a Cloud-based iManage Document Management System (DMS) and access to all documents were governed by a Security Policy Manager (SPM).

Not only would a large amount of data have to be quickly and accurately migrated between systems, but the iManage software itself would have to undergo rigorous performance and security tests to ensure its viability.

Prolifics Testing was engaged to perform a blended delivery service, with the bulk of the Integration Testing being carried out onsite for the client, and Performance Testing being handled offshore by our dedicated test team.

The project was scheduled to take 12 months, over which time we would support them with test strategy, data handling, vendor and third-party delivery management and expert consultancy work.

Thanks to our work with iManage Cloud here, our teams have developed an invaluable familiarity with functional, integration, and Performance Testing for the leading legal DMS.



The Prolifics Testing team operated both onsite and offshore for our client. The project necessitated resource augmentation, both in terms of recruiting on-demand test resources and building a managed test team, and detailed cost calculations to meet client demands.

In a short space of time, we successfully deployed our team in a complex, multi-supplier environment. Our team was embedded in the organisation, delivering services in partnership with existing teams.

Integration testing for iManaged Cloud was undertaken for:

  • Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio)
  • Outlook
  • Adobe DC Pro
  • Change Pro
  • iManage Work
  • SPM (iManage)
  • iManage Drive.



During the migration testing process, we encountered and overcame the following challenges:

  • There was often more emphasis placed on qualitative, rather than quantitative, migration techniques. This led to missing documents, which had to be rectified.
  • When migration issues were identified, the third-party provider failed to fix all of the bugs in a single session, so repeated Alpha and Delta migrations were necessary. This posed a risk to the overall quality of the migrated documents and associated metadata.
  • Pre-planning about what data and metadata the users wish to migrate proved key. If the spec changes too late on, then the migration process becomes messy.
  • Effective use of test/task management tools for progress tracking and reporting that were already available.


Performance Testing

Subsequent to integration, our team focused on performance testing. The goal was to give our client confidence in the ability of their new Cloud-based systems to handle expected traffic volumes without crashing or encountering other issues.

We worked closely with our client to identify real-life scenarios, which were then simulated using our set of open source and proprietary tools, to identify bottlenecks and recommend improvements to increase performance, maximise uptime and give reassurance that the infrastructure and software can cope with both planned and unplanned traffic.

Our standardised methodology for Performance Testing includes questionnaires for information gathering, coding standards for scripts, and structured templates for plans and reports. This allows our Consultants to deliver each engagement to universally high standards.

Initially, we had to overcome technical issues with LoadRunner, Micro Focus's Performance Test Tool, not being able to capture requests through the use of Fiddler, which helps to monitor network traffic. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the development team to resolve slow uploading of documents.



The client was very satisfied with our testing services, which helped ensure a smooth and effective implementation of iManage.

Through our experience of testing iManage for this leading legal services client, we are familiar with the types of issues ESI is likely to encounter, and are able to advise expertly on how to manage them. In addition, our work carrying out Manual, Integration and Performance Testing for iManage means our team is able to hit the ground running in new client engagements, avoiding the time and costs involved in learning to test iManage.

We have also created re-useable components that we can deploy for iManage Performance Testing, such as:

  • Scripts Logic
  • Correlation of Dynamic Values
  • Error Handling
  • Scripting Standards
  • iManage Scenarios

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