Former co-founder of e-testing Consultancy, Derrick now heads up the Prolifics UK Testing Practice, where he drives the business, aligning its strengths to maximise every opportunity to offer clients a first class service.

Derrick’s technology career spans more than 45 years. He comes from an electronic engineering background making the transition in 1983 into IT and started his career with American-based software house PSDI, where he was part of a small group of technical staff supporting the company’s products at various European client sites. He then spent over five years at Barclays Capital (formerly BZW). Derrick’s career in software testing commenced in 1991 and has seen him appointed to high profile consultancy assignments at British Telecommunications, AT&T, PA Consulting and KPMG.

Derrick is also Chairman of Help A Poor Child, an international charity he founded in 1980 to provide assistance to children and families struggling in terrible poverty.

Derrick Pereira
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