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Introduction to JMeter

This new introductory course covers all the essential principles of Performance Testing with JMeter. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated, and the delegates have exercises at the end of every chapter to aid comprehension.

By the end of this course, delegates will be confident in writing and executing effective Performance Tests with JMeter.

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Introduction to JMeter

£TBC per delegate

The course is run over 3 days and includes all course materials. Lunch and refreshments are provided for some onsite courses. Please check course details for further information.

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Who should attend

  • This course is recommended for anyone new to Non-Functional Testing or has testing experience but needs to learn about Performance Testing with JMeter.

Exam Details

There is no exam as part of this course.


  • Learn the theory and types of Performance Testing to better plan an effective Performance Testing solution
  • Learn about the JMeter Tool and its components
  • Plan, Build and Execute a Test Plan to meet your objectives

"The instructor, Tom Millichamp was excellent. He explained everything very clearly and answered every question in great detail".

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Course Content & Agenda

The following topics will be covered during the course:

Introduction Artboard 1 copy 4

What is Performance Testing?

Types of performance tests

Understanding workload

Alternatives to Performance Testing

Considerations before engagement

Software & Hardware Artboard 1 copy 4

Overview of hardware

Overview of software

Resources requirements

Virtual users

The controller

The analysis component

System architecture

Testing through firewalls

Geography-specific testing

Planning an Effective Performance Test Artboard 1 copy 4

Understanding workload and the 'Peak Hour'

Application concurrency

Data requirements

Monitoring strategy

Execution & Reporting Artboard 1 copy 4

A look at hardware & software monitors

Network delay information

Protocol specific information

Different kinds of scenario profiles

Reporting: what to report? What is a pass/fail?

Analysis & Investigation Artboard 1 copy 4

Understanding transactional response times

Understanding transaction pass/fail numbers

Identifying high risk transactions

Improvement and re-runs

Introducing JMeter Artboard 1 copy 4

What is JMeter?What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Installation & Components

Build a Test Plan Artboard 1 copy 4

Manually create a test by adding Controllers, Samplers and Listeners

Record a Test Plan Artboard 1 copy 4

JMeter recording

Setting up the Proxy Server to capture HTTP quickly to aid rapidly building your tests

Assertions Artboard 1 copy 4

Add assertions into your tests to make sure they are working

Correlation Artboard 1 copy 4

Understanding Dynamic data

Hw to capture values and store them in variables for re-use

Data-Driven Testing Artboard 1 copy 4

Why Data-driving your tests is so important

Different approaches to data-driven testing

Using a CSV file to data-drive your test

​Scenarios Artboard 1 copy 4

Building a Scenario

Using Timers

Data Collection to Results files

Merging Thread Groups

Command-line execution

Analysis and Reporting Artboard 1 copy 4

Capture results and output into log

Convert to graphs and look for performance trends

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