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SAP clients want to reduce the cost and risk of implementing changes to their SAP platforms. SAP-based solutions are, however, becoming increasingly more complex, making this difficult to achieve.

For example, they automate business processes that are dependent on SAP as well as internal legacy applications across various platforms. As these solutions are frequently integrated to customer-facing applications, the cost of getting it wrong can have serious brand and revenue implications. Implementation success has become a mission-critical objective.

Prolifics Testing Services

We help companies address SAP testing challenges by delivering value through our in-depth knowledge of SAP, including ECC, SCM, BW, CRM, SRM and S/4 HANA.

The main challenges facing quality assurance and testing functions in SAP projects are the need to:

  • Increase frequency and reduce cycle time for test execution and remediation while not sacrificing test coverage
  • Test across complex hybrid environments (SAP, legacy applications, web, mobile etc.)
  • Create, execute, and report on a massive number of test cases required to fully ensure solutions

We address these by providing world-class Functional and Performance Testing across a variety of technology platforms, including SAP, on premises and cloud-based web and mobile applications.


Our extensive experience and expertise in Test Automation for SAP systems enables you to move beyond simple automated regression testing with our Accelerators - offered at no cost to clients:

  • Our BA360 Accelerator focuses test efforts more intelligently with Predictive Analytics, which automatically identifies defects before they arise by using Machine Learning on historic SAP defects data. Machine Learning also automatically generates manual SAP Test Cases, cutting time.
  • The Data Mining Engine Accelerator leverages data mining technology to automatically create and manage SAP Test data. This includes creating 'dummy data' to eliminate data protection risks.
  • Think automation is for coders? Our Effecta Accelerator enables code-free and script-free Test Automation for SAP systems. Your testers, BAs and business users can easily create, maintain and update scripts – no coding skills required. The pre-built library of SAP functions and controls will save time and costs.
  • Moving data? We can automatically validate any data type from any source system to any target system with our Data Validation Manager, which has validated over 3bn fields in a matter of hours for an SAP S/4 HANA Migration.

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