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Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) systems allow organisations to use their data to gain insight and make more informed business decisions.

With valuable information at their fingertips, business users are empowered with on-demand intelligence, better analytics and information delivered at the right time and in the right format.

This helps businesses with better competitive analysis, customer behaviour analysis, business scenarios and forecasting, business planning, operation optimisation, financial management and compliance.

Managing Large Data Volumes

Data Warehouses are constructed using Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) technologies, which help collect data from various sources, such as your CRM, ERP, Supply Chain Management and HR systems. They transform it depending on business rules and needs, consolidate it into a single corporate view, then load it into a destination database.

For organisations with large volumes of data, BI/DW solutions can pose a significant threat. These businesses depend on information accuracy, consistency and reliability to make well-informed decisions, but may be faced with the challenges of information validation, data loss, reporting inefficiencies and data security.

A company’s analysis is only as good as its data, making it crucial to determine whether the data populating their BI/DW systems is correct.

Testing Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solutions

With a team of seasoned testing experts, we work closely with you to understand your business and BI needs to deliver a custom testing solution that fits all your requirements.

Our Effecta Accelerator is designed to test data migrations from source systems to a BI or DW environment. It tests BI and DW systems during initial implementation to ensure ETL is performed correctly, as well as during maintenance and support pack deployments, ensuring the right data has been pulled.

This complete and scalable testing solution automates change impact analyses, test data maintenance, test execution and validation, increasing the quality of implementation, mitigating business risks, and improving business performance.

Data Validation

To ensure decisions are made based on accurate information, many organisations find it critical to validate the data for accuracy and consistency in reporting and analysis.

Leveraging Effecta, we automate data validation for BI and DW system data, helping identify and fix errors that may impact your business, including inaccurate data, incorrect mapping or missing fields.

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