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Businesses across all industries rely on multiple, fully functional applications to operate and compete effectively.

Whether they’re bespoke applications or multiple Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) systems integrated together, a competitive advantage can often come at a significant price as organisations struggle to manage applications and keep them running as they were intended to run.

Business Impact of Application Quality

The key to launching fundamentally sound applications, and overall business success, comes down to a comprehensive testing strategy. By focusing on application quality throughout the development lifecycle, you can continuously monitor and manage the health of an application before production, integration or roll-out.

Test Coverage from Design to Deployment

We specialise in increasing test coverage of applications, from design to deployment. By implementing a test-based strategy, we ensure that high-risk areas and defects are found as early as possible in the lifecycle.

With a structured methodology and technology Accelerators, our unique approach includes automated impact analyses and regression scoping to provide 100% test coverage.

Relying on our expertise and your critical input, we can develop and implement a testing plan that addresses every nuance of your application design to ensure that it functions just as it’s supposed to.

Our Approach

  • Functional Testing: We can quickly and accurately test all components and systems to make sure that every part of your application interacts seamlessly and is ready to share information, unimpeded
  • Regression Testing: With a methodology and framework proven by countless successful tests, we can guarantee our automated regression testing will cover your entire application and uncover any errors after a change in your application is implemented
  • User Acceptance Testing: We can get you the information you need to determine, for certain, if your application is functioning as designed, in a real time scenario
  • System Testing: Tested against a matrix of hardware, operating systems, browsers, and devices
  • Automated Testing: Covers regression and compatibility assessments
  • Performance Testing: Tests applications under varying network conditions
  • Security Testing: We understand the vital importance of security considerations and offer a range of services to find gaps and vulnerabilities before any software is released, especially if personal data or financial transactions are involved

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