A steel pylon with electric power cables under stress

Stress Testing is used to push extreme loads onto systems to identify their threshold for failure and how they react when under such pressure. 

Whether they’re new applications or updates or migrations, we stress test a wide range of technologies, including websites, mobile apps, ERP systems, CRM applications, financial trading platforms and more. We have particular expertise with eCommerce, streaming media, defence and not-for-profit campaign sites.

Stress Testing is different to Load Testing, which examines typical or expected usage, but often run together.

Our Service

We use cloud-based load generators (where security allows) and a structured profile of tests to apply high volumes of load and quickly identify bottlenecks and software limitations.

Our Consultants have significant expertise in Open Source tools, as well the leading tools on the market, such as the Micro Focus LoadRunner family. They run stress testing projects onsite, remotely or off-shore. A combination of onsite and offsite can also be adopted, depending on the systems under test, software architecture and security or access limitations.

However the project is delivered, we work closely with you, involving you throughout the process, including inviting you via screen shares to view the tests running in real time.

Our approach to Stress Testing is tailored for each client and project but includes a thorough analysis of the systems to be tested and a bespoke build of the load-generating system. A dry run will test the set-up and prove the effectiveness of scripts and processes before the execution of the stress test itself. The exercise is analysed, and a report is generated for discussion.

We actively encourage skills transfer to your teams and can integrate Performance Testing into Agile development environments using Performance Engineering, so performance tests can be run automatically using Continuous Integration servers, in much the same way automated functional tests are run, to provide confidence at the Unit and System levels.

Why Stress Test?

  • Stress Testing measures the effects of high user concurrency on server load in your infrastructure under realistic conditions with network virtualisation.

  • Automation of user journeys allows high user volumes and spikes in usage to be simulated

  • Service virtualisation can be used when all elements of an application are not available for a performance test

  • Stress testing increases the user concurrency and transaction levels to find the breaking point of applications

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