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Functional Testing

Vital to ensure that today's applications, websites and apps meet requirements, independent functional testing can make a huge difference to software quality. Our trained and experienced professional testers quickly return on investment.

Vital to ensure that today's applications, websites and apps meet requirements, independent functional testing can make a huge difference to software quality. Our trained and experienced professional testers quickly return on investment.


Over many years and much research and development, twinned with real-life experience on projects, Prolifics has developed a comprehensive set of testing accelerators that set us apart from the competition. Our IP means we can deliver testing faster, more consistently and with more added value than our competitors. We can improve the speed and efficiency of both manual and automated testing; our Accelerators automate test design, data, execution, and validation. Our IP supports Waterfall, Agile, Continuous Integration and DevOps processes to improve efficiency and to deliver faster, more efficiently, consistently and for less cost. 

We can offer improvements in test design, management, data, test automation, and real-time analytics and dashboards into the performance of our service - outsourced testing the way it should be. Our software integrates with all the major test management tools, including MicroFocus Quality Center, ALM, and Jira. We can offer automated test case design for a range of major COTS applications, including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Workday HCM.

To learn more about how our Accelerators can help with Performance Testing, please click here.

Prolifics Testing offers innovations and value-add tools to make our outsourced testing service stand out. We invest heavily in R&D and we are confident our investments in test case design, data mining, machine learning, automation, security, and performance set us apart from our competitors. Contact us to find out more, and get a no-obligation quote.

Automated Test Design and Business Assurance - BA360

BA360 has been developed to offer the unique ability to accelerate the Manual Testing process by using black box, white box, and exploratory testing techniques. The tool uses automated Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to generate test cases automatically by simply connecting to your application and inputting business requirements.

BA360 allows the capture of business processes, data variations, and exceptions, to speed up test design, introducing a level of automation into the process and aligning tests with business goals. BA360 can accurately and automatically generate test cases for manual testing, mitigating the reliance of testers on application SME’s, speeding up the test design process and allowing easier entry into automation. BA360 is compatible with Test Management tools including QC / ALM and Jira, providing a business assurance dashboard, with a real-time view of test coverage and status, mapped to business goals and top level requirements.

BA360 is an innovative tool that can provide the ability to predict defects before they arise. We test smarter, by leveraging data to focus on areas with the greatest risk. Quickly obtain insight into project inter-dependencies, defect seepage from previous projects, root cause analysis (RCAs) and support tickets, allowing us to use this real-time information to optimize and improve test design.

Test Automation / Test Management - Effecta

Effecta is our in-house test management and automation accelerator suite. Effecta makes code and script-free test automation possible, which reduces scripting time by up to 80% when compared to out-of-the-box scripting with out of the box automation tools, such Selenium based frameworks or UFT.
Utilizing pre-built connectors to Selenium, UFT, and Appium, users record scripts as normal. Effecta then extracts data from the object’s repository to create metadata. This is used to create a series of test steps in a tabular form where users can simply take these steps to create any test scenario required.

Data is automatically separated from the scripts, allowing the use of multiple data sources and test steps to be created just once, ready to be re-used as often as required. This approach allows manual testers, BA’s and business users to create, update and maintain automated tests with no little or no scripting experience.

DevOps and CI/CD methodologies are supported through pre-built connectors to Jenkins, so Automated Tests can be executed every time there is a new build. Effecta supports a variety of web technologies and COTS applications, including SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Workday HCM and others.

Data Mining Engine 

Automates test data extraction, reducing the possibility of human error, saving time and effort while improving accuracy. Our powerful Data Mining Engine (DME) has been created to improve the accuracy of test data extraction and management for both manual and automated testing; the tool eliminates the risk of human error by managing and extracting complex test data from large databases, making manual test data management a thing of the past.

Deploying DME is fast, simplistic and only requires inputs for the test data required. The range of pre-built connectors include QC/ALM, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, and UFT, ensure that DME will automatically search for the latest data every time an automated test is executed, meaning that automated scripts do not fail due to out of date test data. As a guide, around 20% to 30% of automated tests fail due to invalid or out of date data.

Before using our innovative tool, the expected timescale for manual testing 1,500 cases was a labour intensive 187 days, BA360 slashed this to just 4 days!

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