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Thursday, 07 May 2020

We've built up a breadth of experience within the Universities sector and understand the annual University cycle.

We've run Performance Tests for key activities throughout the year and know the pressure Universities’ critical systems can come under during spikes in usage, such as:

  • Initial Applications
  • Online Registration
  • Timetabling
  • Online Results
  • Offer Management
  • Room Booking
  • Clearing

Using the Cloud, we generate meaningful load to simulate these key periods, so that issues can be identified in advance and IT departments can be confident that their applications will meet the needs of the business.

We realise this is the time that Universities are getting their systems ready for the peak periods later in the year and would be happy to help provide confidence that applications and their supporting infrastructure are up to the challenge, rather than hoping for the best when peaks arrive.

If you would be interested in this service, we would welcome a call with you to understand the scope and objectives of any tests you would like to run.

We would then be able to provide you a fixed price performance solution to meet your objectives, including a performance tool recommendation and timescales, with no obligation.

We've completed performance testing engagements at a broad range of institutions, including Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Canterbury, City, DeMontfort, Dublin, Kingston, Leicester, Loughborough, Maynooth, Nottingham Trent and Westminster.

More Information 

We're fast being established as the ‘go to’ testing consultancy for Universities and Colleges, having tested systems for a number of prominent Higher Education institutions.

Contact us if you have any questions and to see if a further discussion would be of value to you. We are on the G-Cloud framework.

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