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Tuesday, 01 September 2020

A blend of Manual and Automated testing has been at the heart of the software world for many years but as technology evolves, AI and Machine Learning has the opportunity to take ownership of many of the repetitive tasks and relieve pressure off employees to allow them to be more creative and strategic.

Test Automation is moving up the agenda of senior IT leaders.

There's no doubt it offers many benefits, especially the amount of time (and therefore cost) it saves, whilst improving coverage, accuracy and scope. Automated Testing can run anytime, such as before a test cycle, fix, patch or update, and by running overnight it allows the development and testing teams to start work on its results without waiting.

However, Test Automation is no easy thing to get right and organisations are finding there can be significant work involved in getting the most out of it. How are you using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve Automation? How does an offshore testing team complement it? How can you prove the ROI?

Organisational Efficiencies - Embracing Evolving Technologies

We're partnering with The BTN to deliver an exclusive VIP Virtual Roundtable with senior technology leaders on Organisational Efficiencies - Embracing Evolving Technologies.

The discussion, on Wednesday 4th November, will be a chance to engage and network with like-minded individuals to discuss the journey of Test Automation within your organisation and the opportunities of embracing evolving technology to benefit your organisational efficiency.

The conversation will follow these points but there will also be opportunities throughout to pose questions and discussion further with your fellow delegates:

  • The future of Testing in the world of Agile, DevOps and Test Automation
  • Co-ordinating a comprehensive AI and Machine Learning strategy
  • Effectively leveraging offshore delivery and the implications

Find out more and join us virtually

The Virtual Roundtable is being held from 16:00 to 17:30 on Wednesday 4th November. It's aimed at senior IT leaders who want to learn more about getting more out of their existing Test Automation programmes or how to effectively implement new Test Automation.

Register your interest to attend, watch the promo video or contact us to find out more.

Organisational Efficiencies - Embracing Evolving Technologies





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