Web and Mobile Device Testing Services

High Expectations for Digital Experiences

Users have demanding requirements for their web and mobile experiences. The average user waits only 3 seconds for a digital interaction to load; if an experience is too slow, it is cast aside. As many as 65% of online carts are abandoned due to poor website or application usability. And once an offering has presented a sub-optimal experience, only 16% of users come back for a second try.

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Your business’s sites and apps need in-depth testing before they go live to ensure that they create the best possible experience, retaining the current user base and growing your audience.

Web and Mobile Testing Made Easy

Prolifics offers professional, on-demand testing services to validate websites and mobile applications, whether native or hybrid, for a wide range of clients in different industry sectors. Our team provides clients with the assurance that their websites and apps function correctly on the most popular browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Prolifics' mobile testing strategy employs a number of tools and technologies wrapped up in a testing framework to ensure that all aspects of mobile application testing can be successful in a rapid, cost-effective manner.

  • Physical devices. Functional testing of native, hybrid, and web-based applications on both physical devices and emulators. We monitor trends and invest in equipment that ensures all the latest and most popular devices are available for testing, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, and more.
  • Specificity. Testing for a range of operating system, browser, and service combination allows you to make platform-by-platform development decisions with confidence.
  • Automation. Automated testing in support of Continuous Integration and agile environments, providing testing in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • Usability. Verifies the usability of the application to promote end-user acceptance and adoption.
  • Performance. Validation of response time and throughput, as well as battery life and data plan consumption.
  • Global delivery. Remote testing mitigates costs without mitigating security.

Our experts work with project teams in a variety of ways, whether as a virtual extension of the development scrum team providing in-sprint testing and daily collaboration, or as a final system and acceptance test phase once software development is complete. In addition to functional and mobile browser compatibility testing, we also carry out non-functional test phases, including app performance and security, so that all aspects of web and mobile delivery can be verified.