Prolifics’ Unique Software Testing Accelerators

For the first time, through the use of our Accelerators, we have automated the entire software testing lifecycle in manual, functional, automation, performance and security testing. Our Accelerators automate test design, data, execution and validation.

Our unique Test Accelerators, fully support Waterfall, Agile, Continuous Integration and Devops processes to improve efficiency and to save you time and costs by using:

Machine Learning

Our Accelerator accurately and automatically generates test cases for manual testing, mitigating the reliance of testers on application SME’s, providing your team with instant autonomy. Our Accelerator is compatible with any Test Management tools including ALM and Jira.

Find out how our intelligent Machine Learning Accelerator simplifies manual testing.

Data Mining Engine

Our Accelerator utilises data mining technology to fully automate test data extraction, reducing the possibility of human error, saving time, effort while improving accuracy.

Our Data Mining Engine improves accuracy by managing and extracting test data from large databases, which can be prone to human error due to the complexity of the process.

Find out how our Data Mining Accelerator works for manual and automated testing.

Predictive Analytics

Our powerful Analytics Accelerator provides your team with the ability to predict defects before they arise. Your team can test smarter by leveraging comprehensive data to focus on areas with the greatest risk.

Our Accelerator offers Testers insights into project interdependencies, defect seepage from previous projects, root cause analysis (RCAs) and support tickets, allowing you to use this real-time information to improve test design.

Find out how our Analytics Accelerator helps you test smarter.

Adoption of the Cloud for Testing

Our Accelerator, utilises the flexibility of the Cloud to ensure that our specialist testing software such as BA360, Effecta and DME are able to be accessed globally.

Find out how we use the cloud for performance testing, analytics and reporting..


An Accelerator created to ensure performance testing is streamlined, versatile and accessible. Hardware restrictions are no longer an issue when testing for performance issues, for load, soak and stress testing. We can offer a free, open source software which features several pre-built connectors for industry leading tools such as JMeter, Loadrunner and more.

Our Accelerator utilises the Cloud to ensure your team have the full capability of a limitless server without the need for expensive, on-site hardware.

Find out how we’ve utilised containerisation for performance testing..


Our specialist Security Accelerator offers your team the ability to run thorough application scans that can detect serious vulnerability threats which can often go unnoticed. Research indicates that 40% of all security risks arise from poor security on the web-based application.

This useful Accelerator identifies potential ‘back-doors’ and security defects by simply requesting the tester to input their web-based application’s URL, this can be used unlimited times throughout new patches and builds.

Read more about our Security Testing Accelerator.