Performance Testing Services

The Pitfalls of Poor Performance

How can you be certain that your systems are ready for the market? Even the most advanced, user-friendly applications and platforms can fall prey to unexpected surges in demand. With today’s users so willing to pass on offerings that don’t meet their expectations, ensuring the high performance and ongoing stability of your products is paramount.

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Test and Engineer for a Better Product

Performance testing evaluates a system’s performance under load, helping your business gain a better picture of how your applications and platforms serve your customers. By identifying weaknesses and bottlenecks before they occur, you can prevent issues and ensure that the user experience remains uninterrupted.

Performance testing and engineering thrives when it is tightly integrated into the development process. Tests that are developed early and maintained in-line with code drops allow regular tests to be run automatically at the unit and system levels, uncovering potential problems early in the development cycle. This approach fits hand-in-hand with agile development practices and helps ensure good performance is built into applications from the ground up.

A baseline of application performance is used to compare the results from each iteration of tests. As such, non-functional requirements and SLAs are measured during development against anticipated user volumes to ensure performance.

Trust Prolifics’ Performance Capabilities

Prolifics’ approach to performance testing and engineering is tailored for each client and project. Our dedicated software performance testing team have significant expertise in the leading enterprise solutions on the market, as well as open-source tools and cloud-based load generators. We quickly identify bottlenecks and software limitations using a structured profile of tests, utilising the end-to-end validation of transactions throughout connected systems.

Our experts:

  • Identify and run real-life performance testing scenarios on websites, apps, or major business applications before launch or after changes.
  • Accurately gauge the ability of infrastructure to support expected and exceptional transaction volumes.
  • Leverage service virtualization where all elements of an application are not available for a performance test.
  • Leverage network virtualization to measure the effects of high user concurrency on server load in your infrastructure.
  • Automate user journeys to simulate high user volumes and spikes in usage.
  • Employ stress testing to increase simulated user concurrency and transaction levels to find the breaking point of applications.

Prolifics’ dedicated global delivery performance testing team blends an onsite and offshore approach to best suit the systems and architectures under test. We work closely with our clients throughout the process, and actively encourage skill transfer to client teams to bolster their performance testing capabilities.