Partner Companies

Prolifics has agreements in place with some of the major players in the software testing tools industry but is not tied to a single supplier. Our consultants often get involved on projects that require a solution to be recommended. If this is the case, it is an advantage that Prolifics consultants are already aware of the key features of the main products on the market, and have established contacts and experience so they can get evaluation projects under way quickly.

Partnership agreements enable our consultants to constantly update their skills and provide up-to-date, impartial advice to our clients. We can also offer discounts on list price on tools, and support services from our partner vendors. Please contact us for a no-obligation quotation on our software testing tools.

Software Testing Solutions

  • HP ENTERPRISE: Application Lifecycle Management, Performance Testing, and Test Automation
  • RANOREX: Test Automation
  • RADVIE: Performance Testing
  • REQTEST: Cloud Based Test Management
  • TERCERTA: Prolifics forms part of the TerCerta group of companies, in partnership with Commissum  (IT Security) and  SES (Software Escrow). TerCerta can provide holistic information assurance for your organisation, through collaborative experience and expertise. TerCerta specialise in QA & Software Validation, Security Testing and Software Escrow Services.