Functional Testing

Approach Testing with Confidence

Independent functional testing is key to ensuring your applications, websites, and software maintain a high level of quality that sets your business apart from the competition. Prolifics works collaboratively with our clients in agile and waterfall models, leveraging our team’s deep testing experience, proprietary testing tools, and industry-leading technologies to create the best testing outcomes.

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Our Functional Testing Services

No matter where you are in the testing cycle, Prolifics can help you achieve and exceed your goals.

  • Integration Testing. Leverages service virtualization to ensure that software, websites, and applications function correctly across all operating systems, browsers, and devices, and ensures that your data is fit for purpose across the enterprise.
  • Acceptance Testing. A crucial part of understanding how users interact with applications, websites, and software, and how they can be improved to promote a better customer experience.
  • Test Automation. Automates repetitive and time-consuming testing activities, slashing time requirements and costs while increasing accuracy.
  • Web and Mobile. Validates websites and mobile apps with in-depth testing to refine performance and meet user demands.