Security Testing

Verify the Security of Your Systems

Highly integrated and connected enterprise systems make security testing a necessity. We minimise the risks to your business by pinpointing the gaps in your security policies.

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Backed by the latest in security and testing technology, our experienced security testing team brings a comprehensive, real-time security strategy with end-to-end testing coverage that encompasses the entire software development lifecycle. We tackle security testing across all of your business’s integration layers and access channels. Our approach helps assure optimal protection and adherence to your industry’s regulations.

  • Functional teams for business flow test execution
  • Clear and concise test scripts
  • Domain-specific and business logic tests
  • Key intrusive tests (including DoS, DDoS, and many more)
  • Intelligent fuzz testing
  • Threat intelligence
  • Zero-day vulnerability identification
  • Detailed reports that classify vulnerabilities and present mitigation strategies
  • Streamline testing with pre-existing tools while monitoring quality throughout the process

We align with your business’s established test methodologies to adopt a tailored, risk-based approach that works for your organization. We discuss and analyze the scope of security testing requirements with your project owners while gathering information about impacted objects and items to verify that the solution meets your security testing requirements.

Our Certified Security Testing Experts

Our practice consists of security testing experts who hold certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Security Analyst (CSA). This team continuously researches and assesses the new threats and vulnerabilities while also developing accelerators and enhanced techniques to identify these issues. Our security testing accelerators automate and expedite your security testing activities. Our Security Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) drives innovations in the security domain and develops secure SDLC frameworks for building secured applications.

The higher the integration level of your systems and environments, the greater the vulnerabilities and risks. Our security testing team minimizes risks, assures regulatory compliance, manages security operations, and proactively protects your critical information against emerging threats.