Automation Review

Establish or Maintain Your Test Automation

Although test automation is a powerful tool for companies of all sizes in all industries, its addition to day-to-day business requires deep understanding of the factors at play. The improper implementation or use of automation can impact efficiency, performance, and the trust you have in your processes.

Enterprises that seek to augment their environments with test automation must identify the most suitable areas for automation, whether for unit, system, integration, performance, operational, or user acceptance testing. Once a need is established, the right tools must be chosen for the test automation implementation. Automation must be configured, frameworks must be provisioned, and staff must be trained.

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Even enterprises that already leverage test automation must regularly examine whether it is being used in an appropriate fashion. They need to ensure that automated tests are designed to provide meaningful outcomes, and evaluate whether tests relate to the original requirements and specifications. Is the test architecture still the most suitable for the task? Are the most appropriate tools being used? Do staff have the right skills for maintain automation and derive the maximum benefit?

Prolifics Assesses Automation Success

Prolifics’ test automation review services take a detailed, impartial look at your organization’s test automation measures. Our experienced consultants help you:

  • Check whether automated testing is focused on the areas where most benefit can be realized.
  • Ensure that frameworks are optimised, current, and reflect the applications under test.
  • Investigate whether standards are appropriate and are being followed.
  • Plan out automated script rewrites to increase efficiency and add functionality.
  • Gauge whether staff expertise is appropriate and whether additional training or mentoring is required.
  • Audit automated functionality to optimize the benefits of automated regression testing scripts.
  • Recommend guidelines and best practices to ensure that future tests are developed in the best and most consistent manner.