Acceptance Testing

Ensure Your Systems Are up to Par with User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a vital part of the software development lifecycle. Whether systems are being developed internally or purchased off the shelf with bespoke elements and interfaces, ensuring they are providing an optimal user experience is critical. Application owners and subject matter experts within organisations are increasingly asked to take on UAT activities in addition to their usual day jobs.

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Prolifics is an Expert UAT Partner

Prolifics can help ensure outcomes by providing structure, rigor, and a consistent UAT approach based on industry standards. This is backed up by a pool of permanent professional testers with experience in a range of industry verticals and technologies.

  • Establish process and structure
  • Test management and planning
  • Briefing workshops and mentoring helps get the best out of users
  • Supplier liaison and consulting on contractual terms in contracts
  • Defect management, reporting, and triage

UAT can be run as a managed service to ensure business requirements are fulfilled, giving businesses confidence that testing is being performed to industry standards and is proactively managed by testing specialists. Key aspects of the service include defect management, regular project reports, and controlled communication with suppliers to ensure deliverables are achieved and timelines are managed. Workshops are held to introduce users to testing fundamentals and processes in order to make best use of their business knowledge.

Prolifics can also deploy testing specialists to assist with the UAT experience in a range of verticals. This is often done on-site to maximize communication and collaboration with the client team.

  • Gain confidence in software before rollout with temporary injection of expertise, alleviating some of the pressure of hectic schedules.
  • Relieve the pressure on business users while ensuring a carefully controlled and managed UAT phase.
  • Promote business-critical systems to production environments with the confidence that requirements have been delivered and that software fulfils business needs.

"From start to finish, Prolifics’ service couldn’t have been better. Highly flexible on start dates, quick execution with a minimum of admin overhead to get the results we needed. The consultant was also very thorough in explaining noted defects with open access to comprehensive records for months afterwards. Thanks!"

–Systems and Development Manager - Ferry Company