Validation Manager

Our Validation Manager Accelerator automates validation for any data, from any source to any target system. Our tool validated over 3 billion fields in a matter of hours, however, alongside validation it also supports complex data transformations automatically by applying business rules from source to target systems.

Reducing the requirements for manual intervention through utilities can automatically map source data schema, requiring the user to only input the differences on the target system. With support for Excel, SQL, Oracle, SAP, HANA, MySQL, DB2, Teredata, XML and PostareSQL, this is a truly flexible tool for integration testing.

How Validation Manager works for:


Simulates inbound messages at various data interchange points and validates outbound messages. Automatically validates translations and mappings.

Transactional Systems

This is a completely configurable, customisable and readily deployable validation library of components for various business processes. Our tool significantly accelerates validation by automatically extracting the actual data created by transactions and comparing it with expected results.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence systems are tested during initial implementation, during maintenance and support pack deployments. Validation Manager also automates the validation of data loaded from multiple ERP and other systems, while providing sophisticated reporting with highly detailed results.

At a glance:

  • Validates any data from any source system to any target system
  • 3 billion fields validated in just hours
  • Transforms data for ETL through business rules
  • Fully supports SAP, S/4HANA, Oracle OBIEE