Test Automation

Leveraging Effecta opens test automation to anyone within an organisation through the use of code and script-free Automation, which reduces scripting time by up to 80%, when compared to out-of-the box scripting with Selnium or UFT.

Utilising pre-built connectors to Selenium, UFT and Appium, users simply have to record a script in the test automation tool, Effecta then extracts data from the object’s repository to create metadata. This is used to create a series of test steps in a tabular form where users can simply take these steps to create any test scenario required.

Effecta will expertly separate data from the script, allowing the use of multiple data sources and test steps to be created just once, ready to be reused as often as required. This powerful tool allows manual testers, BA’s and end business users to create, update and maintain automated tests with no scripting experience.

DevOps and CI/CD methodologies are also supported through pre-built connectors to Jenkins, so Automated Tests can be executed every time there is a new build.

At a glance:

  • Supports SAP, Oracle, E business suite, Workday HCM
  • Code-free and script-free
  • Reduces scripting time by up to 80%
  • Pre built connectors to Selenium, UFT, Appium and Jenkins.