Security Accelerator

Protecting sensitive corporate and client data is essential to the creation of applications. Our Security Accelerator has been specifically constructed to enable you to run an automatic scan on-demand to identify any security vulnerabilities within your application.

Using our Security Testing Accelerator alleviates the requirement for costly security experts, who often undertake lengthy and complex analysis. Instead, at the touch of a button, developers, testers or business users receive automated reports which highlight security vulnerabilities within a range of applications including: SQL, Injections, Security Headers, XST Validations, broken authentications and sensitive data exposure which could lead to potentially catastrophic security breaches.

With the capability to use the Security Test Accelerator unlimitedly, your team can ensure that no security vulnerabilities are missed when changes have been introduced to the application, allowing the inception of dynamic application security testing to your organisation.

At a glance:

  • Powerful automatic application scan
  • Clear reporting that highlights security vulnerabilities
  • Unlimited usage within your team