Performance Test Accelerator

Our Performance Test Accelerator has been designed to streamline performance testing for load, soak and stress testing by significantly reducing time and costs by at least 40%, this is through a range of specially designed components which are integrated into JMeter or LoadRunner.

Our hassle-free Performance Testing Accelerator include:

Script Enhancers:

Using the robust VB.Net programming language, the Script Enhancer is specifically built to reduce performance testing times by automating the customisation of the script by inserting fields such as Transaction Names, Error Handling, Think Times and Check Points.

Script Filter:

Scripting inefficiencies often slow the testing process, our Scripting Filter removes these defects by removing unwanted URLS by defining in a text file, this reduces manual intervention.

Web Custom Request Convertor:

Performance testing scripts require vast amounts of custom requests, which are often very clumsy, therefore requiring a significant portion of time to debug and ‘error handle’. This becomes difficult for testers due to the complexity of the task, where mistakes are often made due to human error. Our Accelerator simplifies the process by converting these complex custom requests into Web Sumit Data which is far simpler for scripting and error handling.

Test Data Mining:

Performance tests can require significant amounts of data to be generated manually. Our approach boasts full automation of this process by using test data mining techniques from production data and the automatic generation of the remaining data using scripts.

Infrastructure Monitoring:

Collecting metrics while running tests, provides insights into performance, however in order to compile these analytics, agents will often need to be installed; negatively affecting results while raising costs. Our Monitoring Accelerator is an agentless tool that works by using versatile Python scripts to capture raw data which has been saved in logs across applications, web and database servers, this includes response times, throughputs, memory utilisation, CPU and more.

Report Manager:

Compiling, analysing and reporting metrics can be a time consuming process. Our Report Manager tool automatically generates consolidated reports, while offering the ability to compare results from previous test runs or specific periods of time. Report Manager can show if performance has improved or declined over releases, providing your team with vital information in tailoring your testing efforts.


At a glance:

  • Reduces scripting time by 40%
  • Pre-build connectors to Jmeter, Loadrunner, Jenkins and Docker.