Data Mining Engine

Our powerful Data Mining Engine (DME) has been created to improve the accuracy of test data extraction and management for both manual and automated testing; the tool eliminates the risk of human error by managing and extracting complex test data from large databases, making manual test data management a thing of the past.

Employing DME in day to day Testing practice is fast, simplistic and only requires inputs for the Test data required. The range of pre-built connectors, include: ALM, Jira, Jenkins, Effecta, Selenium and UFT, ensure that DME will automatically search for the latest Test data every time an automated test is executed, guaranteeing automated scripts never fail due to out of date test data; as 20% to 30% of these tests fail due to invalid or out of date data, DME can eradicate these false positives leading to highly accurate Test results.

At a glance:

  • Automatically extract test data
  • Can be used for manual and automated testing
  • Pre-built connectors to Selenium, UFT, ALM, Jira and Effecta.