Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics using BA360

Our specialised BA360 Accelerator has been developed to offer the unique ability to accelerate the Manual Testing process by using black box, white box and exploratory testing techniques. The tool uses automated Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to generate test cases automatically by simply connecting to your application and inputting business requirements.

Before using our innovative tool, the expected timescale for manual testing 1,500 cases was a labour-intensive 187 days, our BA360 Accelerator slashed this to just 4 days!

BA360 also offers Testers the ability to radically reduce Manual Testing time while still supporting development methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile alongside offering the addition of exporting to popular test management tools such as Jira and ALM.

BA360 not only automates tests, it also allows for the advanced Predictive Analytics system by connecting to your ‘defects database’ to analyse historic test data to identify recurring trends and patterns. This innovative tool streamlines manual testing by notifying the tester on any changes across the entire system, identifying areas most likely to suffer defects. This provides unrivalled accuracy in regression testing post update.

At a glance:

  • Supports SAP, Oracle, E business suite, Workday HCM
  • Automatically generate test cases
  • Reduce reliance on application SMES
  • Test smarter by detecting areas of greatest risk
  • 99% test coverage
  • Pre-built connectors to ALM and Jira