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Continuous Performance - Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) have a series of business-critical websites and core applications developed internally and subject to a regular release schedule. CRUK wanted to extend their Continuous Integration test coverage to Performance Testing, so that it too could be included in the regular, automated test packs to provide a rolling level of confidence in the applications, on a regular basis, prior to every release.


Prolifics Testing developed a comprehensive plan to include the key business transaction scenarios for each of the applications to be tested for performance. 

The test coverage was reviewed with each of the core application test owners who were responsible for the applications. 

Existing performance test assets were then collated and additional tests were developed where needed. This was done so as to attain the level of coverage needed for each of the applications. 

The scripts for all the business transactions were developed using JMeter.

Framework Setup and Training

All JMeter scripts were developed against a standard framework, including code comments, data handling comments with full supporting documentation on maintaining and running the tests within the framework. 

 Once ready, a full day training session was run for each of the core application teams on general performance testing and on JMeter tool, before a individual handover and JMeter setup was delivered for each of the core application team owners.

Prolifics Testing delivered a modular, re-usable performance framework, providing coverage of all core applications, allowing CRUK to include performance testing as part of a regular suite of tests, controlled via Jenkins.

A reliable, flexible and maintainable framework was delivered to Cancer Research UK to assess the performance of a number of applications simultaneously, prior to each release. The framework was integrated with Jenkins CI server once each application test owner was comfortable with using and maintaining the JMeter scripts.

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