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Procuring Software Testing Services on G-Cloud

Similarly, to other industries, competition exists and several alternative testing companies are advertising their services on G-Cloud. So what should public sector buyers be looking out for when they search and evaluate software testing services on the Digital Marketplace?

There are two ways for G-Cloud buyers to evaluate their shortlisted supplier offerings:

(1) Which tender offers the best balance between cost and quality?

(2) Which tender offers the lowest price?

When evaluating supplier offerings on the most economically advantageous (1), buyers should discuss and confirm their ultimate requirements, in order to evaluate which supplier is the best fit. While doing this, there are 3 principles to consider:

  • Technical merit – Can the software testing company confidently grasp your systems under development and technical attributes in order to offer a tailored solution?
  • Functional fit of the service – Does the testing service fully meet the needs of your organisation and its stakeholders?
  • Total investment cost – Will the software testing service require any additional spend on areas such as training, or future maintenance? If so, can the supplier meet these needs in the longer-term?

As an example, when procuring test automation services, you may choose to evaluate a supplier on criteria such as:

  • Knowledge, expertise and a proven track record in test automation and performance testing
  • Is the company skilled across a range of tools? Which testing tool vendors are they partnered with and can they deliver open-source solution expertise?
  • Demonstrable experience of applying their skill set to a range of different particular projects – has the supplier worked in a similar technical environment, or alongside the same application
  • An ability to support a test automation programme with additional test process improvement initiatives, to ensure the long-term success and maximum return on investment for the programme.

Cost is always important and as such (2), it is crucial to consider longer term ROI on testing projects. Software testing services and solutions are becoming available to most companies, with the rise of open-source technology, and enterprise level disruptors who offer more flexible licensing options. That being said, as the adoption of agile and DevOps continues to gain momentum, end-user expectation levels continue to grow. The most successful organisations are integrating their testing processes with development, to ensure consistent quality and performance, while avoiding the need for expensive rework and brand damage further down the line. Engaging with a specialist supplier of testing services can provide companies with short term, targeted expertise in areas like automation and performance, as well as process improvement. These areas can show significant ROI over time, as software quality improves and testing becomes more naturally integrated into the development lifecycle.

If you need any guidance on your software testing projects, or are keen to know more about budgeting for successful software testing, we are happy to offer free, no obligation consultation sessions for up to 30 minutes, contact us to request one.

Our G-Cloud Software Testing Services:

Cleo Maher, Marketing Manager

To discuss cloud testing services for the public sector, or request additional government case studies, please contact us.

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